Chair an Event

The HSA Executive Board thanks you for your interest in learning more about Chairing a Fundraiser. You make a difference!

You will earn 10 HSA volunteer hours for chairing an event. Every Chairperson receives a packet with the following:

  • A basic overview of your fundraising project.

  • A list of volunteers available to assist you.

  • Volunteer Hours Record Form—to track all the volunteers assisting with your fundraiser.

  • Start-up Fund Request Form—to submit to the Treasurer if you require cash to start-up your fundraiser.

  • Assessment Allocation Sheet—to complete if your fundraiser allows for a portion of sales/proceeds to be applied to assessments.

  • Fundraiser Reconciliation Sheet—to be completed prior to handing in your packet to our Co-Treasures listing Start-up Funds (if applicable), Expenses, and Total Cash enclosed. Receipts required.

  • Reimbursement Request Forms

Contact us if you would like to chair an event.